Automatic Pressure Control Switch for Water Pump

This Switch is great for connecting your existing water pump to control the starting and stopping of the pump.

Electronic device for starting and stopping small single phase pumps, when the tap is opened and closed. It adjusts flow rate and pressure, keeping these constant.

Coverage:As a completely new device, it can guarantee the optimum control of electric pumps used in a plumbimg systems.Being an intelligent mix of hydraulic and electronic engineering,the control maintains both pressure and flow and controls the operation of the pump automatically. It needs no pressure tank as in the traditional systems. There are no plenum chambers to recharge and no irritating variation in pressure and in flow at the point of use .No adjustment or maintenance is required. It is absolutely dependable,durable and simple to install.

Functioning:The starting operation archived,the unit is programmed to perform all the pump control operations automatically.When particular operational breakdowns occur, such as water failure,obstruction of the suction pipe,etc,the unit recognizes the breakdown and red led Failure lights up,at the same time a stop signal is sent to the pump to prevent damages caused by its working in the absence of water.Rectification of the failures that have caused the blockage,allows the system to be restarted by pressing the Reset button.


Input Voltage: 220v-240V

Frequency: 50/60Hz

Intensity Max: 10A


Maximum working pressure: 10bar

Highest Temperature: 60cent. degree

Connection: 1"/ 25mm External screw thread

Starting pressure to choose:1.5bar

This switch is not suit for piston pumps.

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